Beaches Link and Western Harbour Tunnels update

Beaches Link and Western Harbour Tunnels update

With the Beaches Link Tunnel on hold, and with funding and approval not imminent, we have time to reassess aspects of the project and get the design right and working better for our area.


I continue to advocate the community’s concerns about Cammeray Park works for the Warringah Freeway Upgrade and share concerns about tree removal particularly, I addressed a community meeting recently as well as the rally at Green Park - and will keep listening and acting.

The works site at Cammeray is mostly temporary, will be rehabilitated, and lost trees replaced 2 for 1 within 500m of the site.

I have called for the project’s Place, Design and Landscape Plan to be accelerated so the process of restoring the park can commence as soon as possible.

The PDLP will give the community meaningful input into how the site will look, including where trees are replanted.

In my view the services facility structure must be under-grounded or built with a green roof with public access.

A reconfigured, short-form nine-hole Cammeray Golf Course is on track to reopen early in 2023.