Sign the Petition: Resurface Willoughby Road and Penshurst Street

Rains in recent years have caused the widespread deterioration of our roads.

The Willoughby Road and Penshurst Street corridor is relied upon by so many in our community every day.

The road is full of potholes and surface fatigue is affecting large areas.  It’s a hazard to safety and potentially damaging to our vehicles.

The motorists and commuters of Willoughby expect a well-maintained state road network and it’s the duty of any state government to deliver roads of a quality standard.

With the Minns Government having no plan nor new resources to fix congestion on our roads, the least the government can do is to ensure our existing roads are well maintained.


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We the undersigned call on the NSW Government to immediately resurface Penshurst Street and Willoughby Road and ensure the ongoing maintenance of the surface.