The Member for Willoughby Tim James has strongly stated his opposition to the Beaches Link tunnel project on behalf of the Willoughby community.

In an address to Parliament on Thursday evening Mr James said, “The community and I cannot support the Beaches Link tunnel in its present form”.


Mr James called for the filtration of the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link ventilation outlets at Cammeray and stated the community’s strong opposition to the use of land in Flat Rock Gully, Northbridge as a dive site for the Beaches Link.


“There is one chance to get these major projects right – one chance - and I want to ensure they are done right and work for the residents of the Willoughby area.” Mr James said.


The Beaches Link project was placed on effective hold earlier this year and is currently unfunded and does not have planning approval.


Mr James noted that there is now an opportunity to reassess the entire project and get it working for the community.


“There needs to be a reassessment of Beaches Link, including new modelling, the sharing of the business case and a refreshed round of consultation to better engage the community.”


“It is clear that the proposed use of land within Flat Rock Gully in Northbridge for a dive site for Beaches Link is unacceptable to my community and an alternative option, if at all needed, must be found.” Mr James said.


“Given the history of land use of this location, the need to ensure local green space is preserved and its present utilization, this is a reasonable and fair change that must happen.”


“I am calling also for filtration of ventilation outlets in Cammeray. The community has expressed understandable concern about the location of these near residential areas and many local educational facilities. This location and tunnel length both make these particular outlets mandatory, in my view, for every precaution to be taken.”


Mr James has spent the six months since his election consulting widely and making strong representations on behalf of local residents.


Additionally, Mr James noted “the strong concerns and frustration of the community” over green space loss in Cammeray Park and outlined a number of improvements to the three tunnel projects that the government must implement.


Mr James’ full address is available at