Minns' Labor Budget Fails Willoughby and NSW

The NSW Government has delivered a budget that neglects to outline a plan to reduce the soaring cost of living and fails to invest in the local infrastructure and essential services needed beyond the projects already committed by the previous Liberal Government.

Local Wins:

  • A combined $46.5 million to deliver the former Government’s plan to build two new public schools – one at St Leonards and the other in Chatswood.
  • $2.5 million to upgrade Northbridge Public School.
  • $723,000 to upgrade Cammeray Public School.
  • $250,000 for 10 school crossing supervisors.
  • $1.09 billion to continue the delivery of Sydney Metro City and Southwest.
  • $1.5 billion for the Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway Upgrade.
  • Continued funding for Zero Emissions Bus Fleet, including at Willoughby Bus Depot.
  • $251,000 for local social housing upgrades

What’s Missing:

  • Economic Management: A forecast budget surplus has turned into a $3.6 billion deficit.
  • Cost of Living: No plan to address the cost of living crisis.
  • Road Congestion: No investment to alleviate road congestion in place of the cancelled Beaches Link.
  • Housing Affordability: No plan for immediate solutions to address the housing affordability crisis.
  • Infrastructure and Services: No investment in essential infrastructure or services to accompany population growth.
  • Public Spaces: No new investment to increase local green or public spaces in our community.
  • Public Transport: No investment in bus driver recruitment to restore bus service reliability or funding for an upgrade to Chatswood Bus Interchange.
  • Public Preschools: No new local public preschools – the previous Government’s plan for public preschools at the two new local schools has been scrapped.

Member for Willoughby Tim James said, “The Minns Labor Government is more concerned to meet union demands then to help the families of NSW.”
“I remain committed to advocating for the needs of our community and will continue to push for investments that support our residents' quality of life and the sustainable growth of our local area.”