Minns Labor Government overrides our community on planning

Concern is growing locally over the Minns Labor Government’s decision to override planning controls to impose higher density development across our community.

Dual occupancy dwellings will be allowed in low density zones across the state and duplexes, townhouses and terraces permitted in existing low-density areas surrounding town centres. Separately the 1.2km surrounding Crows Nest metro station will be subject to ‘accelerated rezoning’ by the end of this year with little detail yet known as to what this will entail. Alarmingly, these changes would apply to our heritage conservation areas.

Member for Willoughby Tim James slammed the Government’s intention to railroad our local community to impose high density at the expense of heritage and without sufficient supporting infrastructure.

“There is no question we need more housing, and I support the drive to lift housing supply, but development and density must be done right. It needs to be sustainable, the supporting infrastructure needs to be in place, and it needs to be done in partnership with people and community.” Mr James said.

“The Minns Government’s plans risk a developer free for all with no respect for the character or amenity of our area. The government has not outlined any plan to build new infrastructure locally to support the increased density proposed. Where will the new parks and open space go? How will already growing road congestion be resolved?”

“Our heritage conservation areas including in Artarmon, Naremburn and Crows Nest, that acknowledge and preserve our rich history, are now at risk.”

“A one-size-fits-all approach that overrides the views of communities and without regard for infrastructure isn’t the right way to address the national housing crisis. It’s lazy and ill-thought-through policy that shows the Government isn’t interested in putting in the hard work to deliver on their housing targets.”

“I welcome the community’s feedback on the government’s approach and will continue to stand up for our area.”

"The Government has recently published an Explanation of Intended Effect on this policy (https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/draftplans/exhibition/explanation-intended-effect-changes-create-low-and-mid-rise-housing) which I encourage all to consider and provide feedback on.” Mr James said.

Submissions close on Friday 23 February 2024.