North Sydney Council Cancels Australia Day Ceremony

In a concerning and perplexing move, North Sydney Council will not host an annual Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony this year.

This cherished tradition is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of our country and our community. Member for Willoughby Tim James said, “I am both shocked and disappointed by this decision and know that many in our community will feel the same.”

“Citizenship ceremonies are a source of pride for our community, symbolising unity, cultural inclusivity, and the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our newest citizens. There is no greater privilege than doing this on our national day” Mr James said.

Mr James has written to the Mayor of North Sydney expressing his concern and disappointment. In that letter he asked why the decision had not gone before Council, why Councillors were not informed prior and what basis there was for the decision.

“What is further confusing is that North Sydney Council has no problem promoting and celebrating other nation’s national days. Why is our own national day not given appropriate recognition?”

Mr James calls upon the North Sydney Council to engage in open dialogue with Councillors and community as to why this ceremony has been cancelled.

“Our community deserves to have our traditions respected. Welcome to all our new citizens this Australia Day. Thank you for choosing to call Australia home” Mr James concluded.