NSW Budget fails to deliver for Willoughby

The Minns Labor Government has handed down a budget of cuts, broken promises, and missed opportunities for the people of Willoughby.


Member for Willoughby Tim James said “this is a budget that fails Willoughby. Hard working families across Willoughby are not only being left behind, but they are also paying the price for this government’s lack of vision or positive agenda.”


“At a time that families are feeling the pinch from the current cost-of-living crisis, the Minns government is axing cost‑of‑living relief programs such as Active Kids and Creative Kids, and lifting the cost of public transport.”


“It is positive that the two new schools planned by the former Liberal government will proceed – one at Chatswood and the other at Gore Hill. These new schools are a priority for our area and construction needs to be well under way within this term of government.” Mr James said.


“Unfortunately, whilst it is welcome that some early planning has commenced, there is no specific confirmed funding for upgrades to Cammeray or Northbridge Public School. I will hold Labor to delivering not only their $10m commitment, but a more ambitious upgrade to these schools that ensures all the facilities—including school halls, learning spaces and playgrounds—are fit to deliver high‑quality educational outcomes for our children.”


“We’ve seen no funding for a serious alternative to the now cancelled Beaches Link tunnel. The Minns government needs to now explain why our roads will remain congested and why we will remain stuck in traffic. An ill-defined review of the road network and no public transport plans just doesn’t cut it.”


“There’s also no funding for an upgrade to ensure Chatswood Bus Interchange, a vital major strategic transport hub, is able to keep pace with our public transport needs.”


“Despite planning for increased population growth in the St Leonards area, the government has offered no increases to infrastructure to cater for the increased density.”


“Gore Hill Indoor Sports Centre remains unfunded as does the North Sydney Oval female-friendly facilities upgrades.”


“Despite being one of the state’s major health facilities Royal North Shore Hospital misses out on any upgrades and has seen funding for cyclical maintenance cut by almost a million dollars.

“The popular and convenient Park'nPay app, used right across the Willoughby electorate, has been axed in an attack on innovation that made our daily lives easier.”


Mr James will continue to stand up for the people of Willoughby who deserve better than to be left behind by a Minns government focused on the wrong priorities.