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Hayden Orpheum

Petition to list the Hayden Orpheum Theatre on the State Heritage Register

The Hayden Orpheum Theatre in Cremorne is a prized jewel in Sydney's crown with considerable historical, architectural and cultural significance.

Opened in 1935, the Orpheum is a well-preserved example of a theatre of the Art Deco style.

Designed by leading architect, George Newton Kenworthy, the much-loved theatre holds a considerable place in the life of the Cremorne and wider North Shore community.

Sign my petition to help me preserve this worthy heritage icon on the NSW State Heritage Register.


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We the undersigned call on the NSW Government to recognise:

  1. The Hayden Orpheum Theatre’s significant heritage value as a well-preserved example of the Inter-War Art Deco style.
  2. The iconic position and value the venue holds to the local community.
  3. The need to preserve the theatre for the enjoyment of generations to come and as a link to our history.
  4. Request the government approve its listing on the State Heritage Register.